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New installation

Find the right download package for your platform below and follow the detailed instructions.

IceWarp Image Deployment

IceWarp for VMware
Size: 3.9 GB
Last update: 29.06.23
IceWarp for Hyper-V
Size: 3.8 GB
Last update: 29.06.23

Yoda Full-text Search Image Deployment

Yoda for VMware
Size: 2.9 GB
Last update: 29.06.23
Yoda for Hyper-V
Size: 2.4 GB
Last update: 29.06.23
Before you start the installation
Properly size the infrastructure
Consider the sizing of your infrastructure for IceWarp installation taking into account the number of users, expected data volumes, and optional high-availability requirements.
For more information about system requirements, please visit our Knowledge base.
Prepare your network
Make sure your network environment is well-prepared with the necessary ports and other configuration prerequisites for your specific deployment.
For instructions on enabling the necessary ports, visit our Knowledge base.
Configure backups
Make sure that you configure automated backups to prevent loss of your important data.
For instructions on how to configure backups, please refer to our Knowledge Base.
Deploy IceWarp image
Choose one of the pre-configured IceWarp images for deployment in your infrastructure.
IceWarp installation instruction:
Deploy and configure Yoda (full text search)
Yoda provides IceWarp with full-text search capability. Choose one of the pre-configured images for deployment in your infrastructure.
IceWarp Yoda installation instruction:

Your Order ID

IceWarp Deep Castle download is only available to existing customers. If you are a new customer, please download a new setup image for trouble-free installation. Alternatively, please contact our pre-sales support.

Upgrading an IceWarp installation for more than 500 users? Please consider these steps before the actual upgrade.